New York Nosh


Recently, work took me to NYC for a few days.  It was a jam-packed trip, but in the evenings, I took advantage of my locale and munched on the Big Apple. (See what I did there?! 😉 )

Fortunately, I have a few obliging friends in the city, all of which allowed me to drag them to restaurants I was eager to try.  I was thrilled; not only did I get to catch up with an old friend at the end of each day, but I got to eat my way through a few restaurants on my New York Foodie Bucket List.  And yes, such a list exists. 🙂

Unfortunately, the one miss on this trip was that I managed to forget my camera (ERRG.), so please forgive the phone photos!


On one of these lovely evenings, I met up with a Chicago friend who just happened to be also in town on business.  Also a foodie-at-heart, he happily agreed to my restaurant of choice for the evening: Ed’s Lobster Bar in SoHo.


A truly tiny spot, this all-white restaurant has mostly been taken up by the gorgeous marble bar that spans nearly the whole length of the place.  It’s the perfect perch for your meal – you’ll enjoy every bite as you watch the bartenders and servers whirl and whiz past, busy maintaining a well-oiled machine.

Before you know it, your small order of fresh oysters are presented in front of you, and you’ll immediately regret the decision to place a small order instead of a very, very large one.


But you’ll quickly get over this oversight as soon as you see this monstrosity of lobster arrive in its’ place:




A WHALE of a lobster roll, accompanied by a perfectly crisp pile of french fries.  You’ll proceed to eat every single last fry.  Even the crunchy bits.  (Ok, maybe that was just me…)

The lobster itself is presented in a perfectly soft pillowy vessel that resembles brioche.  It’s delightfully light; not weighed down with mayo like you might expect.  You’ll inhale the fresh flavorful roll, scooping up the chunks of lobster that tumble out onto the plate, making sure not to miss a single bite!

One more close up, because before you know it, your roll will disappear…


My mouth is literally watering as I type… le sighhhh.

Net: Ed’s is definitely worth a stop when in NYC.

I proceeded to plan every single precious meal I had in the city around my taste-buds (because how else would you plan it??), and took advantage of even breakfast and lunches.  It required plenty of research and some serious speed-walking, but it was worth it for every slurp, bite and sip.

To offset my gluttony in the beautiful New York evenings, for breakfast I tracked down a lovely local juicing chain that would help me kick the day off with a healthy start.


Juice Generation offers fresh smoothies, juices, and raw foods, and it was just what I needed.  I picked up a Mr. Greengenes before my day full of meetings, and sipped down the energy I needed to keep up with my long days.

Clearly, food is my favorite part of this gorgeously huge city, but a very close second is simply exploring. 20140722_191815I probably walked 3 miles or more a day, just absorbing as much New York as I possibly could, soaking in every beautiful building and charming corner.


On my very last day, I had one last place on my list, one that I’d heard lots about…


In fact, I was told that Shake Shack is BETTER than In & Out.


So naturally I had to try out myself.  You know, purely for market research.

Since it was a painfully beautiful day, I refused to eat indoors and toted my meal to a nearby park, in order to eat in the gorgeous sunshine.


Unfortunately, my stubbornness resulted in a very melty custard, but I enjoyed it, regardless.  The burger itself was flavorful and fresh; I think the patty almost could stand on its’ own.  As in, I would totally eat it even if given a plate + patty.

I’m not sure I would say it’s BETTER than In & Out.  I  would have to do more market research to validate this claim, of course.  But I will say it is arguably as good as In & Out.

Undoubtedly, it was a lovely ending to my food-filled trip.  I sat on my park bench and tried to soak in as much as possible during my last precious moments in NYC.  I watched as the city bustled around me.  So fast, everything is almost a blur, and yet you can’t help but want to be a part of that big blur.  If even for just a mere moment.

But soon it was time to go, and while I wasn’t quite ready to depart for home, my feet sure were, so I picked up my bags and got on my way.

Until next time, New York.

Cheers!  xx






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