South Beach Sabor


A few weeks ago, we took a little weekend trip to Miami.  We were there on *official* business, for AG’s High School Reunion, as well as his birthday. 😉  With a fun-filled weekend ahead, we decided to kick things off with a bit of Ocean Drive fun on Friday.

After doing a bit of research, we identified a spot right in the middle of South Beach that we wanted to try out for lunch.  The Local House is located right on Ocean Drive, just a hop-skip away from the beautiful, white, sandy South Florida beach.

P1070436It was the perfect place to start our weekend getaway.  A true Miami urban oasis of a restaurant…


We settled into our well-cushioned seats and promptly ordered up some cocktails.


A Peach Bellini for moi and a deliciously unique beverage for him, called “Down the Rabbit Hole.”  It was comprised of Bourbon (his favorite), muddled raspberries, lime, mint, sugar, and topped off with some ginger ale.  Delightfully fruity and fresh, it quite honestly blew my Bellini away.  I might have to try to replicate this drink just for you! 🙂

P1070444We enjoyed our beverages with a side of South Beach views and studied our menus to determine what to nosh on!

Almost immediately, we spotted the Goat Cheese Croquettes and agreed this was a must-try.  P1070451They were served with a sweet and spicy Guava sauce that went perfectly with the creaminess of the goat cheese and the salty, lightly fried exterior.


They didn’t last long.

We followed up with an order of Shrimp Risotto, which mingled flavors of fresh shrimp, asparagus, basil and more goat cheese (can you tell we like goat cheese??).

P1070458It was light and fresh, a perfect lunch option before hitting up the beach!

Finally, we continued with our beachy theme, and ordered a plate of the Pan-Seared Branzino, which was perfectly cooked and served with Polenta Fries that were simply to.die.for.!



The fresh fare offered at Local House did not disappoint – it served up the flavorful flair of South Beach while offering a relaxing spot to chill and enjoy the scenery.


That is, until they brought us the bill…

Upon reviewing our charges we noticed that they had already included 18% gratuity.  However, with a second glance, we realized that their “18%” was completely inaccurate – they’d overcharged us by several dollars.  We brought it to their attention and they apologized, but as we’d already paid our bill, we decided to let it go.

Lesson learned though – if you are in Miami in the near future and decide to check out The Local House, please double check your bill before paying so they don’t rip you off too!!

Despite this slight hiccup, we moseyed down the strip to enjoy more South Beach sunshine.


And discovered someone hunting for Coconuts…


After watching him gather a few coconuts via that impressive pole-contraption, we made a pit-stop at Wet Willie’s for their famous frozen beverages to take to the beach.



Mine was a Piña Colada & Sex on the Beach swirl, and AG ordered a “Colombian Flag,” which was pretty much just a random mix of colorful flavors. 🙂  It sure did look festive though!


We took our beverages to the South Beach sand and enjoyed them while looking out onto the gorgeous turquoise water.


We left with sandy toes and slightly pink noses (ok, mine was a bit more than slightly pink…).

A truly beautiful beach day, indeed!

Cheers!  xx



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