Driftwood Date

Life lately has been pretty darn busy around here.  Hectic schedules, travel, visitors, and more travel pretty much sums it up.  I’m not complaining – I love to be busy, and we’ve had some wonderful weekends exploring new cities and entertaining family visitors.  But every once in a while, it’s nice to just take a mo’ and enjoy each other’s company.

So that’s just what we did one beautiful Friday – we got a little dressed up, and went on a lovely dinner date.  Just the two of us. 🙂


I’d been dying to try out Driftwood, a seafood spot in the Oak Cliff restaurant playground.  The word of mouth was pretty stellar for this joint, and so naturally we had to taste it for ourselves.

The atmosphere at Driftwood is so relaxing; beach-inspired decor almost makes you feel like you’ve left Dallas for a quick trip to the beach.  And the seafood.  Ohhh the seafood.

P1070342 P1070343 P1070346I absolutely loved the feel of this spot, and clearly got a bit shutter-happy until our obliging waiter popped over to take our drink orders.  The cocktail list at this joint is every bit as seasonal and fresh as the menu.

I ordered a “Spring Social,” an acai-based cocktail with citrus and seasonal fruit.  It was both refreshing and delicious – an absolutely perfect start to our meal.  AG kicked it off with Driftwood’s spin on a Manhattan, and we both slurped down our beverages as we put an order in for oysters.


We ordered four and immediately regretted the decision – we should have ordered MORE!  They went down nicely with our delicious beverages and I knew if the rest of the meal was as good as those oysters, we were in for an awesome dinner.


As fresh as you can get!  We squeezed fresh lemon on those bad boys and topped them off with the diced shallot sauce, which paired just perfectly with the oysters.

We were happy as clams, and we hadn’t even gotten to our mains yet!

P1070345He makes for a pretty handsome date, doesn’t he? 🙂

When our mains were delivered to the table, they were nothing short of works of art.  The presentation of each dish was just impeccable.  I love me a pretty dish!


AG ordered the Halibut, which was served on top of green cabbage and lemon-celery root purée.  The flavors were light, and mingled with the hearty purée like they were the best of friends.


I went for the Scallops and Bacon, which was just… UHHH.  SO GOOD.  I loved the presentation, and the flavors of this dish were perfectly balanced, with the salty crunchy bacon and the buttery scallops.  I found myself sopping up the trumpet mushroom purée with anything I could, just to get as much of that flavor as possible!


We paired our mains with some truffle fries, which were very good, but surprisingly not the absolute best I’ve had.  Sorry Driftwood, but Hopdoddy has you beat there!

Of course we still ate the whole bowl-full, including the little crunchy fried pieces that fell to the bottom.  I’m not about to leave any truffle fries behind, EVER!

Seeing as everything thus far had been pretty much amazing, we decided to try out the dessert (of course)…


Chocolate Three Ways:  sorbet, pâté, and ganache, all spun up and drizzled to make a pretty handsome looking dessert.


Naturally, we hated it.  Just as much as we hated the rest of the meal.


Driftwood absolutely lived up to it’s awesome word-of-mouth, and we will absolutely be returning!

Bon appétit!





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