Rise No. 1

Happy Monday!  I hope you had an awesome weekend.  I must confess, I was a tad lazy this past weekend.  I went on a bit of a Breaking Bad binge, and worked my way through most of Season Two.  Let me just say… AHHHH!  IT’S SO GOOD!

I realize I’m WAY behind the times, but wow, I’m hooked.  Well, obviously, or I wouldn’t have spent nearly my entire weekend on my butt, watching Walt and Jesse continuously fumble and somehow manage to get away with not getting caught!  But I digress…

Somewhat recently, we had something to celebrate, so we indulged in a dinner out at a new spot (well, new to us…).  After returning from our trip to Paris last fall, and gushing over the amazing soufflés we consumed, a friend of ours suggested we check out Rise No. 1.

So, in an effort to pretend we were back in France for an evening, we decided to check it out, and see if this Dallas spot could measure up to those fluffy Parisian soufflés.

Upon entering the restaurant, you don’t quite feel like you’re in Paris.  It has a very rustic, woodsy-feel.  But after being seated at a little round table with French café chairs, you start to notice all the little details that collectively transport you right back to France.  Sadly, I did not manage to snap a good pic of the interior, so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself!

Per the server’s suggestion, I started out with the “Marshmallow Soup,” which, in spite of the name, does not actually contain any marshmallows…


A carrot-based soup, topped with pesto and mini-soufflés (a.k.a. the “marshmallows”), this soup had a bit more of a kick than I’d expected.  Being a wimp when it comes to spicy food, I was thankful for those mini-soufflés, which helped balance out the spice.

P1070029Both the flavor and the presentation of this dish were spectacular, in my opinion.  Those little soufflés sure did look like floating marshmallows, and added a little something special to my first course.

My dining companion decided to start with the French Onion Soup, which tasted like it was right out of Paris.

P1070027The flavor of the caramelized onion, complemented by the toasted bread and cheese on top, was spot-on, and kicked off the meal just right!

Along with our soups, we were served two mini-baguettes, which we of course used to dip and sop up the last few bites. 🙂


Something that makes this spot unique is that flatware, linens, and dishware are all antique, eclectic items.  Wine and water are served in glasses made from recycled wine bottles.  Your napkin is actually an antique tea towel, and your knife and fork are unique pieces that are not likely to match at all.  All of these little details really add to the rustic atmosphere that this restaurant exudes, and I loved every bit of it.

Next, we moved on to the main event… the soufflés!

I decided to try out the Truffle Infused Mushroom, which upon being delivered to the table, filled my nose with the fabulous scent of truffle oil.

P1070039Once I dug in, the hint of truffle was balanced with a mixture of wild mushrooms.  The flavor was good, but I must admit, I expected more truffle flavor, considering the aroma of the dish.  The flavor took a backseat to the aroma, which was slightly disappointing.  Despite this, I managed to finish the entire thing, so clearly I wasn’t THAT upset about it. 🙂

AG went for the Jambon & Gruyère, which was truly excellent.

P1070036It was like biting into an airy, cheesy omelette.  The gruyère added both creaminess and rich flavor, which rounded out this dish nicely.  I mean really, when is ham and cheese ever a bad combination…?

Nearly full from those airy egg whites, we almost didn’t go for dessert…

…But then who were we kidding, we ALWAYS go for dessert!

We settled on the Bread Pudding soufflé, which made our eyes widen with lust when it was delivered to our table.


It was served with a little pot of vanilla crème, which our server immediately poured into the center of our soufflé.

I tried to capture the moment, but the sweet soufflé quickly started to cave in, and so we frantically dug in!

P1070042Each bite was decadent, filled with the fluffiness of the soufflé, and topped off with the rich caramel sauce and sweet vanilla crème.  Both the texture and the flavor was perfect, and I was left dreaming about this dessert when I went to bed that night.

All in all, the experience was excellent, and I loved the authentic-ness of this place.  I will say the soufflés, while solid, were not as good as those which we tasted in Paris.  But really, how can you expect anything outside of that grand, glorious city to live up??

It satiated both my savory and sweet tooth, and allowed for a unique Dallas dining experience, so I’d absolutely return.  I recommend checking this place out if you live in Dallas, or next time you’re visiting the city!

Bon appétit!



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