Libertine Brunch

We’ve been on a bit of a brunch kick as of late.  Dallas is absolutely a brunch-ing city, so there are infinite spots to try, and multiple variations of mimosas to consume.  It seems like every other weekend someone is organizing a Sunday outing to recover from the previous night and indulge in delectable dishes.

A few weeks ago, some of my favorite female friends decided it had been too long since we had all caught up, so we dragged ourselves out of bed on a Sunday morning (err… afternoon is probably more accurate), to try out the Libertine‘s brunch.

We were told upon arriving that there would be a bit of a wait, but much to our delight, after what felt like no time at all, we were swept away to a little nook in the restaurant.  We barely had time to order a round of their $2.50 champagne cocktails (a solid price for a solid beverage).


After exploring the menu for a bit, we determined we just HAD to try their Blue Cheese Potato cakes.  Our kind waitress advised us to try them with a bit of Tabasco sauce, but as I am a total wimp when it comes to spicy foods, I actually preferred them without.


While we waited for the “main event” to arrive, we gossiped and updated one another on recent happenings, and suddenly our plates appeared in front of us.  I had a hankering for something sweet, so I tried the Orange French Toast, which was topped with berries and fresh whipped cream.

P1060907 At first I had a hard time finding the orange flavor, but quickly realized I’d neglected the little pot of syrup and drizzled a healthy amount of what turned out to be orange-infused syrup over top.  Yum!


My compatriots were served an order of the American Breakfast and the “World’s Greatest Sandwich.”  The American Breakfast was good but deemed average by our table.  I’d argue that bacon and eggs is always a good idea, but in this case, it lacked the something special to make it worth $10.

P1060898It was served with a yogurt parfait that delivered on looks but on taste, it too left something to be desired.P1060904

The sandwich, on the other hand, was solid.  I’m not sure I’d call it the “World’s Greatest,” but it was definitely a solid sandwich.


Overall we were happy with our meals, and even happier with the company! 🙂


I think next time I’d try their Crab Benedict, which looked just delicious, and pair it with those blue cheese-filled potato cakes.  Because who DOESN’T want to start their Sunday with cheesy potato goodness?  I sure do!

Cheers! xx



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