Foodies in France – la deuxième partie

In continuing our French foodie adventures, I’d like to whisk you off to Paris for another brief moment.

Even if you don’t have immediate plans to visit this glorious city, hopefully you can escape for a little bit and lose yourself in dreams of walking the rues with me…


Exploring the Opera House…

Strolling across the bridges that transport you over the Seine…DSC01236

My new favorite sightseeing spot in this city might just be the Pont des Arts.  Prior to this trip, I’d heard and seen plenty about this amazing pedestrian bridge.  It has become a symbol of love and romance with its padlocks that lovers from all over the world attach to the railings.  I find it so poetic, so romantic, and so I had to see it myself.

Sadly, we didn’t have our act together to bring a padlock, but it is on my to-do list for next time!  I love the idea of eternalizing your *link* with someone you love.

After you amble across the Pont des Arts, the sun might be starting to set, and you might be starting to get hungry.  So let me take you to another one of my favorite spots, a restaurant that practically neighbors Angelina – Le Soufflé.  Admittedly, the restaurant’s website leaves something to be desired, but you won’t regret it when you see this baby land in front of you:


Since they’re known for their airy soufflés, I highly recommend going for the “menu tout soufflé,”  which is exactly what you might think – a three course meal made up entirely of soufflés. I went for the Spinach and Goat-Cheese to start, and then followed it up with the Beef Burgundy, which was magnifique!

We were fortunate enough to dine with our fellow travel companions and housemates for the week, K and B, and couldn’t have asked for better company!  The boys had fallen under the spell of French Onion Soup throughout the trip, and after much debate, decided that Le Soufflé was the favorite.  They both ordered bowlfuls and we all snuck a bite or two.  

Unfortunately, I failed to get a photo of Le Soufflé’s French Onion soup, but I’ll offer up something EVEN BETTER.  I am bringing you my favorite French Onion Soup recipe!  Consider it a Paris souvenir from me.  🙂  Look for it over the next week, and you can transport a bit of Paris into your very own kitchen.

For dessert, I tried the soufflé Grand Marnier, which is topped off with a spoonful of… you guessed it, Grand Marnier liqueur.  Mmmm, I am feeling all warm and happy just thinking about it!


AG had the Framboise (or raspberry) for dessert, which was equally delicious!  I might have stolen a few more bites than I was invited. 😉DSC01419

With a full belly of fluffy goodness and excellent wine, I’d strongly recommend doing some nighttime exploring around this city.  It simply lights up like nothing else.  I guess that’s why they call it the city of light! 🙂


Cross the Seine and check out Notre Dame at night.  It is both eerie and breathtaking, and a unique experiencDSC01264e, in my opinion.


I’d only visited the church in the day during previous visits, and while I wouldn’t discourage you from experiencing it in the daylight, the contrast of the dark interior of the church with the lit votive candles was majestic.  Visiting in the day offers the beauty that daylight brings to this church, but I found our nighttime experience to be both moving and intimate.  If you get a chance to visit at night, it’s a worthwhile experience.

Stay tuned for French Onion soup… coming soon!

À bientôt mes amis!



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