Nicaraguan Aventures – Bambu & Mango Lemonade

I had fairly high expectations of Nicaraguan food after our pit-stop to El Pipe in Managua.  So when we ventured out for lunch the next day in the little beach town of San Juan del Sur, I was hopeful that I would enjoy my meal as much has I had the previous day.

We rolled up to a restaurant called Bambu – it resembled a large Tiki hut, with the thatched roof and tropical feel.  I immediately took on the role of the annoying tourist with her camera, and snapped several pictures of the views from this little oasis of a restaurant.



I just couldn’t get enough of those beautiful hills!

After taking an embarrassing amount of pictures (I won’t force them upon you all… just giving you a small taste instead!), I settled down to review the menu.  One of the items that quickly popped out was this lovely discovery at the bottom:


Hamburgesa Obama con bacon?!  While I was thoroughly entertained by the name choice of this burger, I knew I couldn’t get a burger in Nicaragua.  I mean, really.

Instead, I decided to start with something a bit more tropical: Frozen Mango Lemonade. Mmmm.


It was frosty, frothy, and delicious.  I might have to work on a recipe for that drink as well! 🙂

And then came the food.

I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by extremely nice company, and they indulged my obsession with food & photography.  Each of them willingly let me take several pictures of their plate before digging in.  I was extremely grateful and more excited than I should probably admit. 😉

We started off with some truly magnificent spring rolls…


…which didn’t last long!


The rest of the meal was spent swapping plates around the table.  We were a sharing crowd, and let everyone have a taste of our plates.  I didn’t mind this one bit.


P1060073 P1060074 P1060079

I’d ordered the catch of the day, topped with a tomato-wine sauce that was simple yet delicious.  I managed to clean my plate – with a bit of help, of course. 😉

To cap off our meal, we couldn’t resist the dessert platter, which offered a taste of each of the dessert items on the menu – crêpes, fried bananas, and ice cream.


I spent so much time taking pictures that I nearly missed out on this deliciousness.  I noticed the plate quickly start to disappear on my nice camera screen, so of course I re-prioritized immediately and set down my camera to get to work!

After engaging in some truly excellent table talk, feeling pleasantly plump, we ventured out back to the beach.  I snagged a few more pictures before it was time to move on to our next adventure.  P1060052

It was indeed another enjoyable pit-stop, and I HIGHLY recommend the Mango Lemonade if you ever make it out there!

Cheers! xx



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